guard monitoring system


Weekly Checkpoint Logs

Receive weekly/monthly checkpoint logs to ensure the deliverance of service is executed to the agreed level.

GPS Tracking Technology

All operations are monitored by GPS and always a click of a button away

Incident Analytics

Incident Analytics to allow our Client to monitor regular incident patterns or regular trends in incidents and focus resources where they need to be focused and have a visual of incident trends.

combining experience with technology

Why is this beneficial to my business?

The Guard Monitoring  System is designed to ensure security guards are executing the agreed level of control and allow our clients to monitor their security, based on real time information.

The Guard Monitoring System requires guards to scan strategically placed checkpoints in their patrol area. This system ensures client’s assets are fully protected to the standard required and offers them complete peace of mind. 

Real time information is sent back to both Night Patrol Security and our clients. This gives our clients complete transparency and puts them in control of making any changes they see necessary. 

The Guard Monitoring System offers increased accountability. Data is recorded automatically and is easily accessible for future use, therefore eliminating any ambiguity when it comes to insurance claims. 

Clients can remotely log into the system, enabling them to see their property or assets from anywhere in the world. 

Clients can choose to receive alerts by text message or email, should an incident occur on site.