complete cost effective monitoring solutions

key features

Real Time GPS Monitoring

All our operations are manned by our 24/7 manned control centre, All guards are in constant contact with the control centre should an issue arise.

Incident Analytics

Concentrate the areas of concern. With our state of the art technology, we can analyse the security measures and act on the areas which really need the attention, effectively tackling security issues.

Instant Report Alerts

Choose to receive text message alerts/emails in the event of a report being completed on site.

guard monitoring system

The Guard Monitoring System is designed to ensure security guards are executing the agreed level of control and allow our clients to monitor their security, based on real time information. 

Benefits Include:  


• The Guard Monitoring System requires guards to scan strategically placed checkpoints in their patrol area. This system ensures client’s assets are fully protected to the standard required and offers them complete peace of mind.  

• Real time information is sent back to both Night Patrol Security and our clients. This gives our clients complete transparency and puts them in control of making any changes they see necessary.  

• The Guard Tracking System offers increased accountability. Data is recorded automatically and is easily accessible for future use, therefore eliminating any ambiguity when it comes to insurance claims. 

• Clients can remotely log into the system, enabling them to see their property or assets from anywhere in the world. 


• Clients can choose to receive alerts by text message, should an incident occur on site.   

How can this benefit me?

Client Access

We at Night Patrol offer all our clients access to the portal allowing them to see in real time exactly what is happening on their site as it happens.

As we say to all our clients, don't just trust our long standing reputation, see for yourself!

Weekly Reports

Choose to receive weekly checkpoint logs, showing the time, date, guard name, checkpoint name of the shift worked. 

Effectively allowing you to customise how and when you would like the guard to patrol.

Cost Effective

This system is offered as standard to our Security service. Night Patrol Security prides itself on being robust, professional and very cost effective. 

Our strong business model allows us to integrate our professional standards in a method that doesn't affect the pockets of our Clients.

Insurance Approved

Insurances can be tricky, especially in todays day. Most facilities need security as an insurance requirement. But is it enough? 

With Night Patrol Security we allow full traceability to all our services on site being able to effectively prove our professional ethic with tamperproof technology. 

Geo Fencing Technology

Set up GPS coordinated geo fences around your site. Receive instant alerts in the event of the guard entering a restricted area or leaves a permitted area. 

Monitor GPS tracks to ensure the guard is executing his du ties to the agreed level

Completely Customizable

Whether you have one site or one hundred, We at Night Patrol pride ourselves on being able to grow with you. 

Our completely customizable system allows us to monitor multiple sites at once. With one login to the portal, our Clients are able to view our security measures on multiple sites, ensuring everything is running smoothly