Event Stewards

Event Stewards are believed to be the most under rated positions in the industry and play a vital role in the runnings of Events. All our Event Stewards are briefed prior to deployment with event specific information to allow them to direct and inform the public correctly. 

With ensuring our Events Stewards are completely confident in their roles, it reflects confidence within the public and allows a more happier, smoother event

Perimiter Teams

Trust our dedicated perimiter team to ensure the safety of the perimiter of your event. Whether you have a small or large event, we at Night Patrol can provide you a Perimiter Team to suit your requirements. With all staff being fully vetted and DBS checked before deployment, trust our staff to represent your event well.

Crowd Control

Night Patrol ensures the safety of audiences and artists from small club events to huge world tours, all sizes and types of festivals, sports, cultural and public events.

Traffic Control

Traffic Control can play a vital part in the smooth running of an event. Ensure your Traffic is under smooth operation with our Traffic Control Operators who have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in keeping Fire Routes Clear and traffic moving. 

Event Supervisors

Trust our Team of Experienced Event Supervisors to Manage and Supervise either the whole event or a specific section such as Search Lanes or Stage Supervisors. 

Our Event Supervisors all have a vast amount of knowledge in the industry and all have experience in the smooth runnings of Search Lanes, Arena Supervisors and many have a wealth of knowledge in the Stage Supervision field.

Europe and United Kingdom

We are currently providing  Event Staff at festivals throughout the entire UK and Europe. With coverage as far as Isle Of Man, Isle Of Wight, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Croatia, Paris and Sweden. You can rely on Night Patrol to deliver the quality of service no matter the location.


Ex Military Officials

Our Pit, Search and Response Teams consist of many ex serving individuals from many different backgrounds in the military. 

Ranging from Ex Marines to Ex Army, Night Patrol believe that the qualities and benefits of a military background and work ethic is priceless in today's industry.

Dedicated Search & Stage Teams

We at Night Patrol have dedicated trained search and stage teams who are vastly trained and experienced in the sector. 

Trust Night Patrol to provide you or your event with the dedication required to execute a smooth operation.

Customer Friendly Experienced Staff

All our staff understand that customer service is paramount. As a company, we believe communication skills and a polite mannerism in this industry are highly valuable and have proved to have a more positive response to our clientelle as opposed to the 'big heavy mean approach'.

Pit Trained Staff

At Night Patrol, we ensure our training standards in staff are high in all aspects, all our Pit Crew are SIA licensed and Pit trained. 

Working at some of the largest events in the country, it is vital we ensure our staff are trained to the highest standard. 

National Coverage

 Night Patrol has been dominant mainly in the West Yorkshire Area. Providing manned guarding solutions for over 17 years, we are in a position to work nationally covering some major contracts all across the country.

References/Testimonials available on request

DBS Checked and Vetted to BS7858

With being an SIA Approved Contractor, Trust Night Patrol to deploy fully vetted staff to British Standard 7858 along with enhanced DBS checks prior to any kind of deployment.