to be the most cost effective service provider in the industry

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be THE most efficient and cost effective service provider in the industry.

Our Values

Integrity, Innovation, Diversity, Loyalty, Passion, Trust

What We Do

We deliver tailor-made professional security and facility management packages to businesses of every nature and size.

Why We Do It

We believe businesses should receive the best possible service for the lowest possible cost. We believe businesses should not need to deal with multiple service providers to maintain a high standard of service.

How We Do It

Combining over a decade of experience in the industry along with cutting-edge technology, we are in a position to offer our clients superior safeguarding and facilities management in a fraction of the cost.

about us

Night Patrol™ has been operating a highly successful security service in and around Bradford for over a decade. The foundation of the business is based upon a 'grass roots' understanding of the needs of both the residential and business community.

Their practical understanding of local communities and associated social & economic factors allows Night Patrol™ to provide a cost-effective & professional service.

Night Patrol™ prides itself on the ability to take the time to research, analyse and evaluate the security needs of an individual company. This 'Situational Assessment' allows them to provide a tailored approach to their clients security needs. These methodologies employed by Night Patrol™ ensure an individual and therefore effective response.

Night Patrol™ continues to provide a comprehensive Security Service for the Metropolitan Police, Local Authority, National Health Service and the private sector. These partnerships have been founded upon a close, professional relationship where constant liaison and dialogue form the basis of on-going trust and confidence

The success of Night Patrol™ and their ability to maintain such contracts speaks for itself in the way that the company and its staff are valued by the residential and business communities


"Received nothing but professionalism at all times, highly recommended..."

Facilities Manager at Private Eye Hospital Chain in West Yorkshire

(Name not included due to data protection act)

"By far one of the most efficient and professional security companies in the region, thank you..."

Area Manager - West Yorkshire

(Name not included due to data protection act)

"Night Patrol has always shown to be very professional. Thank you for your long standing service..."

Area Manager - West Yorkshire

(Name not included due to data protection act)